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Arkanoid: Space Ball 1.1.4


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Arkanoid: Space Ball
"Arkanoid: Space Ball" will be a surprise for the amateurs of unusual and picturesque games as Arkanoid and space games. Everybody who wishes to spend time perfectly will take a pleasure in "Arkanoid: Space Ball" too. A futuristic atmosphere, modern techno-style graphics, a dynamical gameplay and an excellent soundtrack give this game as a present for all Arkanoid’s admirers.
You have to clear a lot of platforms-levels soaring in space, and meteorites, spacecrafts and guns of enemies constantly will be threatened your life. Numerous bonuses dropped out from the broken blocks will help you to pass all obstacles: the laser, the rocket launcher, force fields and many other things. Game is distinguished by the features interesting and unusual for classical Arkanoid: horizontally oriented break block formation, moving and shooting bricks, Gravitational anomalies effects to flights of the balls and missiles, etc. In short, whether you are a teenager, student, parent or grandparent, you will instantly fall in love with this exciting game. "Arkanoid: Space Ball" is free to try, which means you buy the game only if you like it.
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux
Arkanoid: Space Ball
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Author: 'WE' Group
License: Shareware
Price: $19.95
File Size: 7.2 MB
Downloads: 25

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